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  • 7-7-7-7 challenge accepted

    I’ve been CHALLENGED by Laura Harvey. Yay! 7th page of my WIP, 7 lines down, 7 lines posted, then pass this hot potato to 7 others.  My WIP is currently being dismembered, hacked, and reassembled but its current state lands me here:

  • A sweet and sexy romance

    OMG my book is out! Loose!! Running amok!!! Do I have your attention now? Good. My novella, SKYE FALLING, catapulted into the world last week and is available online everywhere.  And the reviews give me the warm fuzzies! Here’s the back cover for your reading enjoyment.

  • Holy crap my book is nearly here!

    BEHOLD! *trumpets, general fanfare oohs and aahs, someone coughs* *I glare* The cover for my debut novella SKYE FALLING is official! I’m bouncing in my chair as I type this. It’s sooooo pretty. And hot.  And so pretty.  Wheeeee!  This morning I saw my publisher changed the placeholder cover on from the Coming- Soon-cup-of-coffee…

  • Semicolon tattoos; take a breath

    Last week I was in my backyard, talking to my neighbor. As she hung her arm over the fence to pet my dog desperately stretching to reach her, I saw a new tattoo on her wrist. It was simple, stark even. It was a semicolon. This quiet tattoo is now decorating the ankles and wrists…