7-7-7-7 challenge accepted

I’ve been CHALLENGED by Laura Harvey. Yay! 7th page of my WIP, 7 lines down, 7 lines posted, then pass this hot potato to 7 others.  My WIP is currently being dismembered, hacked, and reassembled but its current state lands me here:

Rose sat cross-legged in a corner of Tank’s new stall. The donkey’s gaze remained on a frowning Finn, who rested his forearms on the opened half-door.

“What’s his problem, anyway?”

“He started attacking everyone around him but there was nothing wrong. Nothing medically, I mean. Your six hundred bucks covered all that testing.”

“So you made me buy an angry donkey with mental health issues?”

Great. Surly Finn was back. Rose rubbed her temples.

Done and done. I’m just glad this challenge didn’t involve a truckload of toilet paper and Coach Q’s house. Who am I kidding? I totally I would have jumped on that one, too.  Oh, and if I know you and you’re a writer, get ready for this hot potato. And if you don’t have a blog to post on, you can post on mine. So no excuses!