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  • 29 days

    This month is gonna be busy. 29 days left to turn this turd fire of a manuscript into gold, okay maybe silver or bronze, but still, something pretty. I’ve struggled creatively since the 2016 election – I know I’m not alone here. *sympathetic fist bumps to all the writers* Anxiety and depression reared their ugly […]

  • The #1 Question Authors Get

      When people find out that I’m an author I get comments  that I bet many authors get like: “I’ve never heard of you.”  Um, it’s Anna Kyle, I just introduced myself (I say silently, people, silently) “Oh, I only read NYT bestsellers/nonfiction/thrillers.” Nod and smile. Sometimes it’s a simple “that’s nice” before they move […]

  • The Writer’s Job Description

    The Writer’s Job Description

      WANTED: Writer The world is looking for an organized and motivated writer to entertain, inform, and affect us. Candidate should be able to elicit a wide range of emotions at the stroke of a few keys. Skills and Abilities: Must be proficient in a wide range of plot choices and tropes as well as […]

  • “Long Live The Delicious Paranormal Romance”

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to rant a bit. When I was close to finishing the first draft of my paranormal romance, Omega Rising, back in late 2013/early 2014, the world (meaning a lot of agents, editors, and bloggers I respected) declared the paranormal romance dead. “Can’t sell PNRs anymore.”  The articles came fast and […]