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  • All aboard the #NaNo train

    LET’S GET READY TO NANOOOOOOOOO. It’s nearly mid-October and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is less than three weeks away. What? How did that happen?!  The fake spider webs in bushes and tombstones in front yards and good Lord the pumpkins, well now they’re everywhere. Turns out those are the reminders of NaNo AND Halloween.…

  • TJ Dodd rocks the 7-7-7-7

    Yesterday I completed the dare/gauntlet/challenge thrown at me by Laura Harvey. Today, one of the 7 writers I challenged, the lovely TJ Dodd (whose Twitter avi made me laugh so loud I scared my dogs), is borrowing Meanders and Muses to complete her challenge. Whee!  Take it away, TJ.

  • 7-7-7-7 challenge accepted

    I’ve been CHALLENGED by Laura Harvey. Yay! 7th page of my WIP, 7 lines down, 7 lines posted, then pass this hot potato to 7 others.  My WIP is currently being dismembered, hacked, and reassembled but its current state lands me here:

  • The first word is the hardest #writerproblems

    My horoscope today courtesy of Yahoo: “Your overactive imagination acts as both a blessing and a curse today.” Duh.  Amirite, writers?  Damn skippy I’m right. THAT’S EVERY DAY, YAHOO. In the last five months I’ve finished major edits on TWO books (okay