4 Reasons To Fail and LOVE it #NaNoWriMo

Yeah, okay I’m failing at NaNoWriMo. Last year on this date I crossed the 50,000 mark, validated, then passed out on the floor. Yes. EARLY. Today my word count is less than 25,000.

Why am I smiling? Well, I’ll tell you.

1          Because I’m failing like a rock star and by that I mean I’m lovin’ every minute of it. That’s a Loverboy reference to those unschooled in cheesy 80s rock. There were commitments and deadlines that kept me freakishly busy up until the 15th or so, but I managed to eke out a few thousand words here and there – after work, before work, at work (shhhhh). From the start I gave myself permission to fail, NOT permission to stop.

It’s only been for the past week or so that I’ve been able to submerge myself and wallow in my Nano story and I LOVE it. That brings me to #2.

2          Because my Nano book keeps surprising me. What I thought should happen in my hastily scribbled outlines haven’t worked that well. I haven’t deleted those busted scenes because hello this is NaNoWriMo after all and THERE IS NO DELETING IN NANOWRIMO. But because those scenes didn’t work I’ve been forced to crack open and tickle that writing center of What If. And I love to play that game. It’s daydreaming with a purpose made possible by Nano. I LOVE it.

3          Because everyone else is doing it. At least it seems that way. Who doesn’t like to be part of a massive Vowel Movement (coincidentally that’s also the name of my brother’s band back in the day – I’m totally not lying, that was the name), seeing inspiring emails from authors and tweets from coaches and joining in on impromptu word sprints? I’m Twitter friends with a lot of writers participating this year and my TL is filled with their successes and failures. I can applaud their successes instead of feeling a bit sick with envy and I can empathize with their failures because oh look I’m there, too! Welcome! Have a seat! I LOVE it.

4          Because it’s your novel that’s important, not the word count. Over this past weekend the Midwest had its first snowstorm and it was a big ‘un. Three inches of wet, thick, mutant sized flakes splashed down followed by plunging temperatures and another three inches of the non-mutant variety. I had to cancel plans to see Planet Groove downtown because of it. What? Yes, you heard me. I actually had plans during November. And I’ve ridden my horse and socialized IRL during the month, too.  Blasphemy? No. Balancing my life. By not being consumed with reaching 50K, I’m loving the hell out of Nano this year and everything it has to offer. And my book, and life, is the better for it. What’s NOT to love?