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  • Bye Bye Birdie

    I deactivated Twitter today. I was there for almost ten years. The birdsite was my first (and only until the meltdown) social media platform. I loved twitter. Made friends I still have today (now on different platforms), went thru years of writing stories with the best support from writers in the trenches with me. I […]

  • Nano Reboot Update

    Okay so maybe I picked a terrible time to reboot my NaNoWriMo writing sprint after my November blew up for a variety of reasons that, like Glenn Close in that movie with the bunny, er anyway, could not be ignored. It was 11 degrees this morning and at a barn with a light wind it […]



    2022 NaNoWriMo started out strong for me, writing more than 10K in the first week and another 4K in the next week. After two emergencies, (one ended up being minor thank goodness, the other definitely was not), all writing stopped. The severe colic of my horse sucked up every available moment, both emotional and time-wise. […]

  • today i remember the ride

    I pulled out a CD, yeah I said it, a CD, so what. Yes, I’m an old. It was an old Doug Stone CD ” I Thought It Was You.” I literally cannot remember the last time I listened to it, maybe 10 or even 15 years ago. But today I reached for it. I […]