Nano Reboot Update

Okay so maybe I picked a terrible time to reboot my NaNoWriMo writing sprint after my November blew up for a variety of reasons that, like Glenn Close in that movie with the bunny, er anyway, could not be ignored. It was 11 degrees this morning and at a barn with a light wind it felt like 5 below. Christmas is around the corner. Dark at 4 in the afternoon. Scraping ice off the car in the mornings. Ground frozen and slippery.

But… today the mare goes on once a day meds so hooray!

And I am still liking my story so HOORAY! Writing is still fun…mostly, which is great. Progress is slow but is, in fact, still moving forward, so YESSS HOORAY.

My Christmas shopping is complete YEAH THAT’S RIGHT BOOYAH HOORAY I AM DONE.

And here comes a couple of 3 day weekends and for this I am so. damn. grateful. And tired. But very, very grateful.

Thanks for listening 🙂