Bye Bye Birdie

I deactivated Twitter today.

I was there for almost ten years.

The birdsite was my first (and only until the meltdown) social media platform. I loved twitter. Made friends I still have today (now on different platforms), went thru years of writing stories with the best support from writers in the trenches with me. I followed scientists, comedians, newspapers, journalists. I found editors and writers and readers I adore, found horse people who are now friends, dog and cat accounts that made me smile every day. I scrolled daily for breaking news, politics, those gorgeous NASA pics,the funniest people on the planet, new memes, just…everything.

Then I locked my account and moved to Mastodon when shit started going sideways. I’d post occasionally on twitter to catch up with friends, but mostly doom scroll there, feeling worse, more anxiety, more anger, more outrage.

I checked out more platforms and joined those that looked like i might fit into, like Tumblr and Mastodon and Instagram.

When melonhead/douchebag/propagandist/liar/putinponyasshole/littlebitch banned journalists I stopped posting, stopped going there daily, took the app off my phone. Because fuck him you do not get my engagement numbers.

Today, after reading (on Mastodon by an account that I follow) that the locked accounts’ tweets were being loaded into a newly created section for all to see i am done.

I deactivated and I am sad at this outcome. I like where I am at now. I believe it will feel like home in time.

And so it begins.

Write on;

Also fuck you melonhead/douchebag/propagandist/liar/putinponyasshole/littlebitch