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  • Surprise!!


    Holy crap so this happened. Wheeeeee!!! World Weaver Press is an amazing publisher and I’m so grateful for all their support and hard work over the years (and hand-holding, not gonna lie, which the folks at WWP are also very good at:) ) turning my manuscripts into something that readers enjoy.  I’ve been so very…

  • 8

    6/10/11 RIP ps here’s your baby girl who is tough, loving, funny, and adored

  • 29 days

    This month is gonna be busy. 29 days left to turn this turd fire of a manuscript into gold, okay maybe silver or bronze, but still, something pretty. I’ve struggled creatively since the 2016 election – I know I’m not alone here. *sympathetic fist bumps to all the writers* Anxiety and depression reared their ugly…

  • 10/21

    8 birthdays missing you Without you I live doing what I love to do Write, dance, play, ride, love PS I think you’d have loved this one, played loud, really loud. I remember when you loved that song by Staind “It’s Been Awhile” so much that you named a horse Benawhile. Benny’s still around, last…