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  • 10/21

    8 birthdays missing you Without you I live doing what I love to do Write, dance, play, ride, love PS I think you’d have loved this one, played loud, really loud. I remember when you loved that song by Staind “It’s Been Awhile” so much that you named a horse Benawhile. Benny’s still around, last […]

  • 10/21/17

    So much left unsaid and love bittersweet lingers I ache with missing you

  • A simple Saturday restored my hope.

    This past weekend I saw a homeless man collapse, his head inches away from cars whizzing by on a busy four lane road. My 15-year-old car was being fixed and I’d been stuck in the waiting room for hours, irritated and worried about another $900 repair bill. I’d been watching the man through the window […]

  • The #1 Question Authors Get

      When people find out that I’m an author I get comments  that I bet many authors get like: “I’ve never heard of you.”  Um, it’s Anna Kyle, I just introduced myself (I say silently, people, silently) “Oh, I only read NYT bestsellers/nonfiction/thrillers.” Nod and smile. Sometimes it’s a simple “that’s nice” before they move […]