2022 NaNoWriMo started out strong for me, writing more than 10K in the first week and another 4K in the next week. After two emergencies, (one ended up being minor thank goodness, the other definitely was not), all writing stopped.

The severe colic of my horse sucked up every available moment, both emotional and time-wise. After nearly a week at the equine clinic where they were trying hard to save her, the vet advised me nothing more could be done. The supportive care could be done at home and if she went back to colicking (and he thought she would) then I could call my vet and have her put down.

Dark times. Lots of crying. And swearing.

Fast forward, the medication the vet started on a “well nothing else worked let’s try this” WORKED. My beloved mare companion of 16 years has been home for 3 weeks and doing really well. That’s all I could ask for–more time–and I am thankful and amazed we have it.

So, now I am rebooting my NaNoWriMo. Clean slate. New idea, new name – REBOOT NANO 2022 DAY ONE MOTHERFUCKER starts tomorrow.

I’m grabbing my (metaphorical) boots and helmet and putting my foot in the stirrup again.

Giddy up. WHEEEEE