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  • The first word is the hardest #writerproblems

    My horoscope today courtesy of Yahoo: “Your overactive imagination acts as both a blessing and a curse today.” Duh.  Amirite, writers?  Damn skippy I’m right. THAT’S EVERY DAY, YAHOO. In the last five months I’ve finished major edits on TWO books (okay

  • Horses taught me everything

      I am lucky enough to have been around horses most of my life. My mom used to say I got the bug from one of her relatives (great-uncle maybe?) who rode in the Calvary way way WAY back in the day.  As a kid I worked on Saturdays at a nearby barn in exchange…

  • The Maass effect – awesome

    To workshop or not to workshop? Wait, is that the question? It is? Really? Okay then, here’s my answer. WORKSHOP. FOR PETE’S SAKE WORKSHOP. I can say that with authority CAPS because I now have one in the can *smuggy smile* jk, it’s a regular smile.

  • Not writing? READ

    Well, the January blues are in full effect. It’s snowing. It’s cold. It’s dark. Did I mention it’s snowing? This is prime reading season, writer people, for when you’re not, uh, writing. Or, to put it like the hackers who changed the road sign in