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    November  1 – IT’S NANO TIME Before I get into opining on #NANOWRIMO I should point out that for a long time I was a medical transcriptionist, working out of my house. Yeah, it was awesome.  In medical transcription we use lots of short hand in Word, like sob automatically spits out shortness of breath,…

  • How writing a novel healed my heart

    Steve’s been gone for almost three and a half years now. The thought comes out of the blue, in the middle of revising a scene in my manuscript. I’ve had other losses since Steve; my aunt in February, my mother in March after years of watching her suffer.  It

  • A football girl’s dilemma

    Hooray!! BEARS WIN!  BEARS WIN! I am a football girl (a long-time, long-suffering but ever hopeful diehard Bears fan) who cheered last night’s win over the Jets on Monday Night Football. GO BEARS! I am also a woman, a feminist even, horrified and disgusted by the

  • WRITERS RULE – #10kByLaborDay

    Right now I am in the middle of the Twitter write-fest started by authors Valerie Cole and Jodi Meadows called #10KByLaborDay. I am having fun! In the middle of revise-hell (and make no mistake, revising is 80% pain & 20% joy) I am actually having fun. Because I am in the midst of revising my…