Holy crap my book is nearly here!


*trumpets, general fanfare oohs and aahs, someone coughs*

*I glare*

The cover for my debut novella SKYE FALLING is official! I’m bouncing in my chair as I type this. It’s sooooo pretty. And hot.  And so pretty.  Wheeeee!  This morning I saw my publisher changed the placeholder cover on GoodReads.com from the Coming- Soon-cup-of-coffee to THE COVER!! 

SKYE FALLING crashes into the world on Tuesday, 8/25/15, so get your one-click fingers warmed up, people. Wait, that sounds super dirty. Totally not what I was going for. Aaaaaanyhow, my novel is a paranormal romance starring Lake, a sexy wolf shapeshifter who always has his friend’s back, and Skye, an impulsive Fae halfling princess determined to go around, through, or over Lake to carry out her plan.

So if you like people named Lake and Skye, this book is for you. Or if you’ve never met people named Lake or Skye, then hello this book is totally for you. Ugh, I’m terrible at this. How about this?  If you want to, then buy the book. There, short and sweet, like my book. If you add hot. Ebooks and paperbacks will be available at Amazon, B &N (I think), Kobo, and at Red Moon Romance website. 

Holy moly, next Tuesday I will be an official author. *swoons*

Oh, Monday 8/24/15 check out http://www.sswriter.com/category/reviving-dreams where Sydney and I talk jockeys and superhero powers!