Make 2015 your bitch; a pep talk

New Year’s Eve.

A brand new year, fresh from the package, smelling like a new car, is just around the corner. The possibilities are endless. Your future might be so bright you gotta wear shades, like the song goes, or might be so dim that the cheap flashlight you picked up in the clearance bin at the hardware store barely cuts through the murk. (Tip: buy a better flashlight)

So as we kick 2014 to the curb and ring in 2015 whether it be with champagne and streamers or a cup of tea and a good book, let’s take a moment to remember the good stuff that happened and the good stuff that will happen.

New Year’s Eve isn’t about regrets and sadness. Hell no. Life is full of that, I know, but not on New Year’s Eve. That’s New Year’s Day, hungover and vomiting, picking glitter from hair, moaning, then vomiting some more.

No, The Eve is about the breathless promise of what COULD happen. 2015 could be the year that ____________ (fill in your own blank, I’m not a freaking mind reader here).

But. Of course there’s a but. But the secret is that it takes work. Yeah, I know, sucks right? Sitting back pressing the remote doesn’t get your manuscript edited, will not get books read or miles run or weight lost or a new car bought or whatever you put in that blank. You can’t just sit back and let 2015 happen to you.

Instead, let’s grab it by the balls and shake it, rattle it, oh what the heck I’ll finish it, roll it, screaming THIS IS WHAT I WANT AND THIS IS HOW I PLAN TO GET IT.



Thank you. Now go out there and have a fantastic New Year’s Eve and also begin scheming how to make 2015 your bitch.

Oh, I’ve got plans for you 2015. Watch out. *grabs at it and 2015 runs away shrieking*

Happy New Year’s everyone. Stay safe.


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