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I’m happy to spread the word about indie author Sydney Scrogham’s latest release, Ariel, The First Guardian. Last summer I enjoyed her first book in the series, Chase, which I believe was classified YA. This new one is adult and set in the same fantasy world named Agalrae which is filled with horses, or alicorns to be precise, and the humans protecting them. Here’s the info:


Are you ready to gallop back to Agalrae? Sydney Scrogham released Chase in August 2015 and now it’s time for the second installment in the Guardians of Agalrae series. Fans may recall mention of a character in Chase named Ariel. Take one guess at who’s going to be the next lead character.

“I’m writing my series somewhat backwards,” Scrogham says. “I wanted to go back, write the story before Chase, and then do a sequel or two. Ariel: The First Guardian is so far my favorite that I’ve ever written.”

Ariel Harte is a raw, real character with a troubled past involving sexual abuse. Scrogham was wary at first about crafting a story about such a sensitive topic, but she is hopeful that readers will identify with Ariel’s happy ending story of true love and restoration.

“All of the people I shared this story with in its early stages told me they laughed and cried,” Scrogham says. “I can’t ask for anything more than a story where readers feel their way through the highs and lows of a character’s journey. While I was writing, I kept telling myself that there are people out there who’ve lived through trauma similar to Ariel. Her journey isn’t to make light of that pain, but rather explore a way to find hope in the midst of difficult circumstances.”

Here’s the back cover copy:

Abuse survivor Ariel Harte doesn’t need anyone. Ever. But her companion animal is infected with a dark, magical force. Only an ancient purification ritual, the mind link, performed with another human can cure this infection.

Ariel must ask her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Tracey, for help.

But she’s racing time. She’s infected, too. All the walls will have to come down so Ariel can heal or she will lose herself to the darkness forever.

Ariel:  The First Guardian is a story of true love that wins over time, the power of second chances, and redemption from abuse. This is a prequel to Chase in the Guardians of Agalrae series but can be enjoyed as a standalone novel.

About the author

Scrogham loves creating happy endings. When she’s not writing, she’s at the barn with her horse Snowdy or catching up on reruns of the best TV show ever – Castle. She lives in Harrisonburg, Virginia with an adorable dachshund named Zoe. To learn more, visit her website at

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