BANG BANG – Omega Rising is knocking

Book One of the Wolf King series
Book One of the Wolf King series

Today I planned to bang the publicity drum that the PREORDER button for my new paranormal romance novel, Omega Rising, is up at all the online retailers. It’s a big deal, huge really, publishing a book. It’s my second book but my first preorder button. I suddenly feel very cool and authorish. *hunts for tweed jacket then remembers I own no tweed and never have* It’s also my first Goodreads giveaway. You have 11 days to enter a chance to win one of four paperback copies  at the Goodreads giveaway

But I’m not feeling the bang bang yet. Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited and proud and anxious and giddy and nauseous (or is it nauseated, I get confused) about the release. My gods, look at that cover! It’s really happening!

Maybe it’s the turkey burger I had for lunch or the pizza I’m going to have during the Blackhawks game tonight – GO HAWKS. Don’t judge me. It’s GAME 7. Well here goes:

Omega Rising launches June 7th, which is in…omigod FIVE weeks?! Is that right? Yes. Yes it is. Can I get a whoohoo? WHOOHOO!!

Okay okay, wow, I’m feeling the Bang Bang a little bit now. I adored Cass and Nathan together. Their push me/pull me relationship was fun to write. I also loved putting the horses I’ve known in real life front and center in the novel, which is where horses, especially mares, like to be.

Here’s the short version:

Cass Nolan is a sleep-deprived, overworked stable owner whose life is upended after Nathan Rivers arrives at the barn one day looking for work. He isn’t what he says he is but that’s cool, because neither is she.  Cass knows what she wants and that’s the sexy wolf determined to keep his distance.

Secrets and shapeshifters, romance, with some mystery and magic.

BANG BANG. Yes, I am TOTALLY feeling it now.

To one-click the ebook on Amazon click here

Barnes and Noble loyalists can get it right here

Omega Rising is also at iTunes/Apple iBooks, OmniLit/All Romance ebooks, and Kobo.


You can only preorder the paperback from World Weaver Press right now. Just click the gorgeous cover below.

Book One of the Wolf King series
Book One of the Wolf King series