Month: April 2016

  • BANG BANG – Omega Rising is knocking

    Today I planned to bang the publicity drum that the PREORDER button for my new paranormal romance novel, Omega Rising, is up at all the online retailers. It’s a big deal, huge really, publishing a book. It’s my second book but my first preorder button. I suddenly feel very cool and authorish. *hunts for tweed […]

  • Dumping the muse

    I don’t have a lot of time today so here’s my haiku for today: The  elusive muse dances coyly near then far Eff off I got this Blasphemy? Nah. Fiction writers are fiction writers because of our imaginations, not because of some ethereal muse who may or may not show up when you need it. […]

  • Omega Rising cover is revealed in all its hot wolfy glory

    Yaaasss. Drink it in. Slowly now.  Careful, don’t cramp up. That’s the cover of my upcoming book, Omega Rising, and it’s a beauty.  *stares at it with a dopey smile on my face* I’m so excited that Cass and Nathan’s story will be out June 7th. Here’s the back cover. Cass Nolan has been forced […]