2015: From squealy to terrifying – a newbie author’s year

Welcome, 2016.

This New Year’s Day I’m not gleefully kicking the prior year to the curb. 2014 was a dick but 2015 was more like your emotional, somewhat unstable friend that drags you into giddy highs and crushing lows.  You know, the one you sometimes think could be helped with some meds.

EXCITING:                          It was a big year for me, starting with a brand new job in January 2015. My very first 15 mile drive to work was through a snow storm followed by Mr. Polar Vortex. Remember that guy? That guy was 20 below zero ACTUAL TEMPERATURE, like we were living in the freaking North Pole. GTFO.

HEARTBREAKING:            I also lost my beloved Tink, the sweetest, gentlest dog I’ve ever met.

tink destroys toy

SUPER SQUEALY:              I experienced the heady joy of signing my first publishing contract with World Weaver Press imprint Red Moon Romance in January.  Holy crap talk about giddy!

REALITY CHECK #1:          Spring of 2015 was all about the business of getting SKYE FALLING ready for publication. I lucked out with an awesome editor (shout out to Cori!) who guided me to make the book the shiniest it could be. *bows down to o mighty editor* There were editorial letters, suggested revisions, deadlines, rewrites,  cover copy, bio, line edits, more deadlines and edits and Track Changes. Gotta be honest, it was overwhelming at times but still super-exciting.

OMG-PINCH-ME EXCITING:        Summer of 2015 SKYE FALLING debuts – with that gorgeous purple cover – and people like Lake and Skye’s story! The reviews are good! *squeals and dances* I’M AN AUTHOR, GUYS!


REALITY CHECK #2:        Very little time to bask in the glow because now it’s onto getting the word out by guest posting/doing interviews on different blogs. That’s also the business of writing. I wanted to be amusing, original, and entertaining on each site. I hope I succeeded.  Also at this time I’m starting the process all over again with the second novel of the series, OMEGA RISING, to be published this spring.

TERRIFYING:       This past summer also started a scary five months of chemotherapy for my sister which she handled like a goddamn rock star.  Seriously, like one sick day used. The surgery in December went great with the magical words of “clean margins” and “no lymph node involvement” making Christmas extra special.


REALITY CHECK #3:      My sister is a superhero. Seriously. ONE sick day!

EXHILARATING/EXHAUSTING:      Deadlines galore this fall. From mid-October to mid-December I ran around like a horde of bees (flock? herd? Idk) was chasing me, stingers at the ready. NaNoWriMo, day job, revisions on my cowboy romance short story (which very nearly kicked my ass), final edits on OMEGA RISING.  Yeah, I lived on caffeine and stress for a couple months but I got through it.

I’ve rested and recharged these last two weeks. It’s been glorious. And essential.

Welcome 2016

OMEGA RISING comes out this spring

COMING UP ROSES short story will be out this year in a cowboy romance anthology

Book 3 of the Wolf King series will be finished this year

THE FOURTH LAND OF SOULS, my urban fantasy, might be ready this year’s end

Now where’s my Scotch?