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  • 29 days

    This month is gonna be busy. 29 days left to turn this turd fire of a manuscript into gold, okay maybe silver or bronze, but still, something pretty. I’ve struggled creatively since the 2016 election – I know I’m not alone here. *sympathetic fist bumps to all the writers* Anxiety and depression reared their ugly […]

  • Tackling the rejection blues

    Confession: Hi everyone. I’m a writer and I have an inner running back. It’s not a peduncled growth scooting along on my body. Good guess, but no. It’s a position on a football team and I have an imaginary one. I was able to make the leap from writer to author because my inner running […]

  • But I don’t wanna…

    Ugh. Endless days of gray. Horrible shootings on television. Bad moods because everyone around you seems Christmas-happy, the worst kind of happy. And that makes you kinda want to stab someone in the eye with a pen. All of it adding up to a giant, maybe even petulant, whine of I don’t wanna…