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  • I remember

    10/21/2016 His birthday slipped past quietly but you are missed It was a good day  

  • The Writer’s Job Description

    The Writer’s Job Description

      WANTED: Writer The world is looking for an organized and motivated writer to entertain, inform, and affect us. Candidate should be able to elicit a wide range of emotions at the stroke of a few keys. Skills and Abilities: Must be proficient in a wide range of plot choices and tropes as well as…

  • Gone but not forgotten

    Soon You are gone five years Still I listen for your voice In my head and smile  

  • Dumping the muse

    I don’t have a lot of time today so here’s my haiku for today: TheĀ  elusive muse dances coyly near then far Eff off I got this Blasphemy? Nah. Fiction writers are fiction writers because of our imaginations, not because of some ethereal muse who may or may not show up when you need it.…