Month: July 2016

  • “Long Live The Delicious Paranormal Romance”

    Thanks for giving me an opportunity to rant a bit. When I was close to finishing the first draft of my paranormal romance, Omega Rising, back in late 2013/early 2014, the world (meaning a lot of agents, editors, and bloggers I respected) declared the paranormal romance dead. “Can’t sell PNRs anymore.”  The articles came fast and […]

  • SIRENS contributing author Adam Bealby makes a splash

    Finally! Rhonda Parrish’s volume four of her Magical Menageries series, titled Sirens, came out this week.  The cover is spectacular.   Sirens are beautiful, dangerous, and musical, whether they come from the sea or the sky. Greek sirens were described as part-bird, part-woman, and Roman sirens more like mermaids, but both had a voice that […]