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Omega Rising cover is revealed in all its hot wolfy glory

Book One of the Wolf King series
Book One of the Wolf King series

Yaaasss. Drink it in. Slowly now.  Careful, don’t cramp up. That’s the cover of my upcoming book, Omega Rising, and it’s a beauty.  *stares at it with a dopey smile on my face*

I’m so excited that Cass and Nathan’s story will be out June 7th. Here’s the back cover.

Cass Nolan has been forced to avoid the burn of human touch for her whole life, drawing comfort instead from her dreams of a silver wolf—her protector, her friend. When her stalking nightmares return, her imaginary dead sister’s ghost tells her to run, Cass knows she
should listen, but the sinfully hot stranger she just hired to work on her ranch has her mind buzzing with possibilities. Not only does her skin accept Nathan’s touch, it demands it. Cass must make a decision—run again and hope she saves the people who have become her family, or stand and fight. Question is, will it be with Nathan or against him?

Nathan Rivers’ life is consumed by his quest to find the Omega wolf responsible for killing his brother, but when the trail leads him to Cass and her merry band of shapeshifters, his wolf wants only to claim her for himself. When evidence begins piling up that Cass is the Omega he’s been seeking, things become complicated—especially since someone else wants her dead. Saving her life might mean sacrificing his own, but it may be worth it to save the woman he can’t keep from reaching for.

Omega Rising will be available in trade paperback and ebook via,, Books-a-Million, Kobo, World Weaver Press, iBookstore, IndieBound and OmniLit, and for wholesale through Ingram.

AND (of course there’s an AND) for the next 30 days you can enter for a chance to win one of four copies in a Goodreads giveaway. Check it out here.


Bite Somebody, you know you want to…see it #CoverReveal

I am a fan, superfan really, or the even more impressively capped SuperFan, of paranormal romances. I write them, I read them, I talk about them. So when I was offered the chance to be a part of the cover reveal team for Bite Somebody, Sara Dobie Bauer’s new paranormal romance novel, I was suddenly very, very…thirsty. Thirsty enough to…Bite Somebody (come on, I HAD to do it, that is the Best. Title. Ever.)

Oh, there’s more. Here’s the tag line on SDB’s website

“Immortality is just living longer with more embarrassment.”

I know I know. Even better. I cannot wait to meet Celia, the star of Bite Somebody. The book doesn’t come out until June 21st but you don’t have to wait that long to see the cover, you lucky ducks.

*drum roll* Wheee!




I absolutely LOVE this cover, reminds me of a chick-lit Lucille Ball or Carrie Bradshaw who happens to be a newly turned vampire trying Continue reading Bite Somebody, you know you want to…see it #CoverReveal

Mmmm, cowboys


The ROUGH EDGES cover is here and it is scrumptious.


I’m super excited that my story, Coming Up Roses, is one of the seven cowboy romances chosen for the Rough Edges anthology put together by the delightful Cori Vidae of Pen & Kink Publishing. I’ve gotten a sneak peek (official launch is June 14th) and the book is Continue reading Mmmm, cowboys

Into every life a little crap must fall

So you’re walking around, smiling, thinking life is going pretty darn well, great even. Then thunder booms and down it comes, flowing in ever larger waves crashing toward you. Sometimes you see it coming and prepare complex evasive maneuvers, sometimes your first inkling is a face plant into it.

I’m talking about crap. Crap in the metaphorical and symbolic sense, Continue reading Into every life a little crap must fall